Stage 1: November's First Day

August 22nd, 2007, 7:57 pm

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Author's Comments:


Slowly adding pages here. Hopefully I'll get a layout up this weekend.

LOL I just watched an MCR concert online. Ah, Gerard, so funny. I may seriously name my first born son Gerard. XDDD


User's Comments:


Mmm.. boba.. <3

I favor the thai iced tea boba.
Or milk tea.
Or taro. xDDD


Check out my webmanga, Shuffle!! Ahhhh it's a new webmanga by Narison!! < 3
*going to fave right away*
Squeeee I love boba tea!! This looks like it's going to be realll interesting. :D


Wow! Such lovely art! XD

(Lawl, the main character in my manga is named November, too. <3)


love the cover! so cute! and yeah boba!!! :D

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