December 23rd, 2007, 2:41 pm

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Author's Comments:


Heck yeah, I'm efficient! Less than a week since the last update! Chika chika yeah yeah~

I got a bit lazy toward the end there, but there are some good panels!

edit: Ummmm I'm probably going to change the layout this week. I got some complaints about its weirdness, so I can fix that. Hope I remember how to css/html. @_@


User's Comments:


i love this page
your comic is so cute :3


LOLz<3 I love this. xDD

I like your layout, I just don't get it. xD What's it about?


I <3 this comic! 8D


D'awwww thanks fellows :3

paigeykin: I have no idea what the layout's about either. xD It takes place in L.A where I live, and saw a pile of stoplight parts on the side of the road one day... and the other character comes up later ^^


lol those retards XD;


Eh I just noticed but back on 'OH! Darling' I wrote "I hope it gets better soon". I meant the way you feel not your art. I word things wierd at times.

This is the last time I talk about your old comics but I was just wondering if you think you'll ever take them back up again (redraw or rewrite the story or something like that?)

If I was No I'd fall. I hope she doesn't fall though.


Jess: I know what you meant. ^^ It's getting better.

If I ever do pick them up again, it would be after almost completely restructuring and repacing the story. ^^;

Iris Purple,


As per normal a very nice comic!

it's an instant fave!


OOOOHH! Is this the part where they get to play twister in their underwear? XD

Miss Momo,

It's sooooo cuuuuuteeee <33

name guesat (Guest),

Have you ever seen Coffee Prince?

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